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Translator from English to Pashto and Dari.




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Kabul, KA 


According to GIZ salary scale (consideration will

Minimum Education:

University Degree

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Full time




3 Years



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6 Months



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GIZ International Services

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About GIZ InS:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a service enterprise for development cooperation with international operations and global experience. Owned by the Federal Republic of Germany, the organisation operates as a private-sector enterprise with a development-policy mandate: to make sustainable improvements to the living conditions of people in partner countries. The organization’s business area GIZ International Services (GIZ IS) is the vehicle for offering results-oriented services on the international market.


With Afghanistan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) GIZ is implementing two components of the EU-supported Fund for Agricultural and Rural Market Development (FARM). The objective of the FARM program is to create prosperous, stable and resilient rural communities by promoting sustainable economic growth and employment in rural areas. FARM is addressing current weakness of both public extension service and private extension service suppliers in addressing the needs of farmers in Afghanistan. FARM is a nationwide approach with specific regional focuses.


The two components to be implemented by GIZ seek to enhance and reorganize the national extension service system as well as to catalyze the enhanced use of input supplies and services through strengthening private suppliers and their linkages to farmers. In this regard, the program will cooperate with a diverse partner structure that includes stakeholders from government and private sectors as well as farmers as the target group and is working at national and sub-national levels.

Job Description:

Job Description:

The FARM program started on 19 March 2016 and will run – according to current planning – until December 2019. It is funded by the EU and is managed by the European Union Delegation to Afghanistan. FARM comprises three components: GIZ International Services is tasked with implementation of component 1 (enhancement of sector governance and knowledge management) and component 3 (catalysing the enhanced use of input supplies and services); component 2 is implemented through an extension of the existing World Bank-initiated National Horticulture and Livestock Project (NHLP) program.


Component 1 is to support Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) and Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) in implementing a new and reformed extensive outreach system. This includes institutional reforms and comprehensive capacity building for the involved stakeholders at national and sun-national level to fulfil their duties in the new model.



The assignment is planned as part of cross-cutting undertaken in the framework of FARM project. In order to support the agriculture dashboard TotoGEO by creating a local language database. In order to ensure accurate translation from English and high level quality of the Dari language outputs, the FARM project requires English to Dari translators; moreover, the translator will work within the planning and financial management of the project. The contract will be signed with individuals or a translation agency at a rate of remuneration not greater than 1000 Euro per assignment and will be closely supervised by FARM Project staff.




The assignment will involve an extensive desk work, translation and proofreading of documents from English into Dari.


Assignment strategy

Overall Objective

To create prosperous, stable and resilient rural communities by promoting sustainable economic growth and employment in rural areas. This input will focus on the downstream value added processes in the agriculture sector which would have a positive impact on farmers’ incomes.


Expected results

Result: The project succeeds in capturing real-time translation output of documents in fluent Dari and easy to understand by the farmers after proof-reading. Moreover, 57 subjects are required to be translated in the given period of time.


Tasks and outputs


Ensure the timely delivery of translated materials from English to Dari
Ensure a high quality of work, reflecting an accurate portrayal of the meaning found in the English source documents.
Incorporate suggested changes to the translation and all text, including text contained in figures, boxes, captions, sources and covers requires translation and proofreading.
The translator is expected to perform terminology research to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of translation; in addition accurate and consistent usage of Agricultural terminology adapted to Dari.
The translator is also responsible for ensuring quality and accuracy of the entire document before submitting it back to the officer in charge of the project.
Ensuring Dari language excellence and proofreading, including excellent Dari language, vocabulary, syntax, expression and grammar as well as all relevant terminology.
Ensuring quality check and proofreading of translation; ensuring that no typographical errors are left in the final text.
The translator is obligated to work within the required deadlines and be available to FARM for comments and corrections.



Dari translation of components of the Agricultural dashboard TotoGEO will be submitted to FARM project.


Period of Engagement

The translator will provide the planned input of up to 4 months during the period from to 31.12.2017.

Job Requirements:

Job Requirements:

The following qualification criteria will be required:

Proven experience in translation work (from English to Dari)
Proven ability and capacity to deliver translations to meet tight deadlines
Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills in Dari and English.
Good practical knowledge of MS Office software
Previous experience as a translator/ interpreter of agricultural content is highly desirable
Ability to work under pressure in an organized and systematic manner




Reporting will be mainly via submission of spreadsheets of the translated contents or via an online system. These will be monitored on a continuous basis. Translators will report to capacity development NKE staff of FARM.



The following criteria will be applied for performance evaluation:

Ability to fulfill tasks accurately and comprehensively
Ability to understand and efficiently implement the assignment completely;
Ability to provide clear guidelines in order to assist MAIL to make informed decisions on cold storage strategy.



Each staff member is to ensure that the EU are appropriately reflected and acknowledged prior, during, and after the assignment.

Communication and visibility guidelines can be found at:




The results, products and reports of the mission are to be treated confidentially and must not be handed over to third parties. The EU have the exclusive ownership of the report and further dissemination of relevant information is prohibited, if not officially requested by the beneficiary or EU.

Minimum requirements:

Submission Guideline:

Submission Guideline:

Interested candidates for this position must submit their resume to the following address:

Mr. Mehrabuddin Abid, Administration and HR Officer, EU FARM Program

Address: Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), Kart-e-Sakhi, Kabul, Afghanistan

Email: Mehrabuddin.abid@giz.de, copy Maiwand.majboor@giz.de



Only those candidates meeting the above criteria will be pre-selected for interview.


Submission Email
mehrabuddin.abid@giz.de/ cc maiwand.majboor@giz.de